a digital art-CV of one misfit in the intense world of medicine
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the idea of this thing was to collect my art before it is lost forever.

artconsulting.vie once written about me: Visual artist Dr. Maaia Jentus, currently based in Vienna, let us see the world from her unique perspective. Her drawings, paintings, photographs and collages are adding new layers to the reality through the search of work-life balance, psychological reflection and cursed cultural influence. The medicine as a casual clinical job and as a scientific work in a laboratory left an indelible mark on the artist’s work. The abundance of images borrowed from anatomical books and the practice of microscopy acquire new meaning through an interest in psychology and its abstract interpretations. The artist defends human emotions, which are commonly considered as socially unacceptable. She is admired and aesthetically inspired by biochemical processes, dream images, transformation experiences, interhuman reflections on dying and death. Professional activity stimulates thinking about the problems of professional ethics – a difficult topic for medicine and psychology in particular. 


Mikhail Vrubel, early works of Piet Mondrian, Egon Schiele’s landscapes, Francis Bacon, Franz Sedlacek, David LaChapelle, Hieronymus Bosch, Franz von Stuck, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Edvard Munch, early SlipKnoT, Guillaume Pujolle, Filthy Frank, Friedensreich Regentag Dunkelbunt Hundertwasser and his lifestyle, Maria Lassing’s sublime colors, Luboš Plný, Jenny Saville, Monika Baer, Natalia Andrushaewa, Léon Bakst, Ukiyo-e, György Pálfi, Andrzej Żuławski, Roy Andersson