dear radiologist please do an x-ray

i created an account on saaitchi art and uploaded my first artwork there and thus i got to try writing about my own art

here we go!

dear radiologist please do an x-ray
acryl on canvas 1000 W x 80 H x 0.1 D cm

One of the works inspired through working in a hospital. One of most frequently ordered diagnostics is a X-ray of heart and lungs. Through this simple procedure you can know a lot about state and function of body and skeleton.
Healthy lungs are pretty dark in every X-ray because air not that dense as heart or ribs.

Lungs are something what can easily be damaged through the atmosphere and all kinds of pollutions. We try to talk more about renewable energy, but we still have a long way to go, till energetic industry can be safe for everyone.
Windmills are exciting object for the artist, though they are dangerous for birds

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