lying down, melding with the Earth, 2021

lying down, melding with the Earth, 2021 (47,5x38cm, oil, acrylic and carbol fuchsin on canvas)

Everybody is searching for the inner peace. It sounds very difficult, when in the modern time we got to live in huge cities full of glass, vibration and light. Not everybody is rich enough to have an own house outside of the city, so these persons are actually trapped in concrete jungles. Is there a time on the day when you hear nothing, perfect stillness?
The only way to escape the anxiety inside of megalopolis is to find a safe place inside of your own psyche.

There is a field, where you can just lay on the ground and meld with the mother Earth. Feel the weight of your body, feel the gentle touch of the wind. City is somewhere, not here. You can see the lights there, on the horizon. You can go back there, when you are ready to face it. Keep calm, you are safe here, breathe.

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