(UPDATE) toxicity, 2021, digital

(2048×2048 px 500 dpi)

I tried to make it through inktober this year, but i stopped on the day 15, next year gonna try again (till now i only made it through all days in 2018, going to post it next: upcoming gallery

Jack wears pumpkin suit, dea the Death wears the new acute toxicity GB CLP hazard pictogram in the shape of a diamond with a distinctive red border and white background, the flask is still marked with old one sign system

❌❌❌Please do not consume substances marked with these symbols ❌❌❌

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advanced rorschach, 2020

A3, Ink and acrylic on paper

The eye wants to be pleased. maybe it’s just an unobtrusive background, maybe something that really has a form and wants to be seen. When you dream, do you dream only in black and white?
Or do you dream in color?

a nightmare in the 1st lockdown (2021)

34x48cm, acryl and markers on chipboard 

Another piece of that dream. 

You enter the room and see the sun shining bright through the window. Dust particles in the air play in the light. You would like to take a breath on such a beautiful sunny day, so you open the window. You can see nothing. The darkness is so dense that you can’t even see your garden. 

these are all about one therapy session in december 2019 – a metaphorical card (OH Cards, check this category) and full size oil on chipboard painting