(UPDATE) toxicity, 2021, digital

(2048×2048 px 500 dpi)

I tried to make it through inktober this year, but i stopped on the day 15, next year gonna try again (till now i only made it through all days in 2018, going to post it next: upcoming gallery

Jack wears pumpkin suit, dea the Death wears the new acute toxicity GB CLP hazard pictogram in the shape of a diamond with a distinctive red border and white background, the flask is still marked with old one sign system

❌❌❌Please do not consume substances marked with these symbols ❌❌❌

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anatomy dissection kit

Anatomy lessons are long over, but I will keep this for the future. Sketch was done after i washed them last time before placing away. You can even see drops of water. Hope, that someday when I have children one of them will follow my steps. Even when not my own children, I would like to present it to someone, so that it can be such a personal gift. It was a lot of fun and a huge challenge, like the whole medschool. 

anatomy dissection tools

2500 x 3250px, 500dpi