maybe i should draw a series about things that trigger joy in me

here some ideas:

  • water
  • cells
  • cats
  • abandoned places
  • anything destroyed
  • artefacts in microscopy
  • unusual stainings and colors
  • urban stuff
  • scissors
  • scents
  • grief
  • cottagecore
  • big mashines
  • new technologies
  • unconditional love
  • group dynamics
  • circus
  • play of the light and shadows
  • tableware
  • body language
  • all of the chemistry
  • knocking on the gate of death in dreams

to be countinued..

i wish i would not seprarate this work but i did… and now i got to get it in digital, because i like it like this even more, than it is .. (check it in paintings)

these are all about one therapy session in december 2019 – a metaphorical card (OH Cards, check this category) and full size oil on chipboard painting