a nightmare in the 1st lockdown (2021)

34x48cm, acryl and markers on chipboard 

Another piece of that dream. 

You enter the room and see the sun shining bright through the window. Dust particles in the air play in the light. You would like to take a breath on such a beautiful sunny day, so you open the window. You can see nothing. The darkness is so dense that you can’t even see your garden. 

you are just a part of me

93x62cm, 2020 (ink and oil on chipboard)

Behind you is the place you need to be at. You enter the forest and find a hut with nothing inside. But maybe there is something. Once you entered it – you know. What’s then revealed will haunt you for a long time. You’ll never feel lonely. Every time you close you eyes, someone appears behind your back. You won’t see that place in your bad dreams, since the nightmare itself is real.

lying down, melding with the Earth, 2021

lying down, melding with the Earth, 2021 (47,5x38cm, oil, acrylic and carbol fuchsin on canvas)

Everybody is searching for the inner peace. It sounds very difficult, when in the modern time we got to live in huge cities full of glass, vibration and light. Not everybody is rich enough to have an own house outside of the city, so these persons are actually trapped in concrete jungles. Is there a time on the day when you hear nothing, perfect stillness?
The only way to escape the anxiety inside of megalopolis is to find a safe place inside of your own psyche.

There is a field, where you can just lay on the ground and meld with the mother Earth. Feel the weight of your body, feel the gentle touch of the wind. City is somewhere, not here. You can see the lights there, on the horizon. You can go back there, when you are ready to face it. Keep calm, you are safe here, breathe.

dear radiologist please do an x-ray

i created an account on saaitchi art and uploaded my first artwork there and thus i got to try writing about my own art

here we go!

dear radiologist please do an x-ray
acryl on canvas 1000 W x 80 H x 0.1 D cm

One of the works inspired through working in a hospital. One of most frequently ordered diagnostics is a X-ray of heart and lungs. Through this simple procedure you can know a lot about state and function of body and skeleton.
Healthy lungs are pretty dark in every X-ray because air not that dense as heart or ribs.

Lungs are something what can easily be damaged through the atmosphere and all kinds of pollutions. We try to talk more about renewable energy, but we still have a long way to go, till energetic industry can be safe for everyone.
Windmills are exciting object for the artist, though they are dangerous for birds

some abstract anatomy straight from the 2020

upd: old painting

Inktober 2018 day 11 - cruel (60x50cm acryl and marker on canvas)
Inktober 2018 day 11 – cruel
(60x50cm acryl and marker on canvas) – original is not available anymore

i would like to participate this year once again, hope that i will not forget about it